HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Madrid, Spain or Virtually from your home or work.

9th Edition of International Conference on Dentistry
and Oral Health

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain

ICDO 2024

David Gillam, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
David Gillam, Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom

The aim of this presentation is to consider the problems that may be associated with diagnosing dental pain, in particular dentin hypersensitivity (DH) and to advise on the management on the condition. It is evident from reading the published literature that clinicians are not ro [....] » Read More

Preetinder Singh, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Preetinder Singh, Academy of Oral Surgery, United States

As one in six patients receiving implant therapy are likely to show signs of peri-implant diseases with varying degrees of severity throughout the lifespan of the implants, clinicians will be confronted with peri-implant complications requiring appropriate management. The ideal m [....] » Read More

Duc Minh Lam Do, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Duc Minh Lam Do, Montreal Tongue-Tie Institute, Canada

An overview of what consists a tethered oral tissue (TOT) or tie (tongue-tie, lip tie, cheek tie) will be summarized. Classifications of different types of ties. The decisional algorithm to move forward with surgery or not, and why. The different alternatives for surgical techniq [....] » Read More

Rabab Ahmad, Speaker at Dentistry Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Rabab Ahmad, North West London Healthcare NHS Trust, London, United Kingdom

Introduction/Aims: Giant Cell Tumours (GCT) are benign locally aggressive tumours arising in bone. The majority occur in the long bones with a small percentage of these lesions (<1%) occurring in the facial skeleton. Treatment of these tumours is challenging due to a propensit [....] » Read More

Jackson Martins Kalinoski, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Jackson Martins Kalinoski, Implants Clinica Odontologica, Brazil

The presentation consists of technically showing how to plan, indicate and act in cases of soft tissue reconstructions around implants and related natural teeth. The nuances that make all the difference in the results and in the different applications of incisions, scalpel blades [....] » Read More

Khalid Al Fouzan, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Khalid Al Fouzan, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, Saudi Arabia

The field of endodontics has seen vast improvements in technology and techniques over the past several years. Perhaps the one area that has improved the most is endodontic surgery.  With the use of state-of-the-art instruments, new and improved materials, along with surgical [....] » Read More

Sally Abd ElMeniem ElHaddad, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Sally Abd ElMeniem ElHaddad, Dar Al-Uloom University, Saudi Arabia

Atrophic/Erosive oral lichen planus (OLP) is an oral chronic inflammatory disorder with chronic and painful ulceration of the oral mucous membrane that may lead to secondary infection and development of squamous cell carcinoma. It has an immunological etiology. It affects approxi [....] » Read More

Bilel Maraoui, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Bilel Maraoui, Genoa University, Tunisia

The advent of Digital technologies has considerably transformed the landscape of dentistry, bringing significant benefits for both practitioners and patients. These technological advances have contributed significantly to the improvement of diagnoses, treatments and the quality o [....] » Read More

Renato Voss, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Renato Voss, Restorative Dentistry, Ilapeo, Brazil

In this class you will learn how to deal with routine situations when the use of composite resin on anterior teeth is necessary. Situations that occur in the daily life of every general dentist, however with some tips you can achieve better results in less time. Audience Take [....] » Read More

Jamal Hassan Assaf, Speaker at Dentistry Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Jamal Hassan Assaf, Federal University of Santa Maria and Private Clinic, Brazil

There is a high level of evidence that survival rates of dental implants placed simultaneously with bone augmentation are similar to survival rates of implants placed into pristine bone. In some prospective studies, the survival rates, after a mean observation period of 12.5 year [....] » Read More

Shohreh Ghasemi, Speaker at Dentistry Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Shohreh Ghasemi, Augusta University, United States

The field of orthodontics has witnessed significant advancements with the introduction of 3D printing technology. This systematic review aims to explore the current materials used in 3D printed orthodontic appliances and highlight the potential future innovations that can be achi [....] » Read More

Zvi G Loewy, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Zvi G Loewy, New York Medical College, United States

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Yasser Khaled, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Yasser Khaled, Marquette University, United States

Burning mouth syndrome is the medical term for ongoing or recurring burning in the mouth without an obvious cause. Burning mouth syndrome can include a burning feeling in the tongue, lips, gums, throat, or roof of the mouth. Other symptoms may be thirst, a dry mouth, a bitter or [....] » Read More

Ariane Berdal, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Ariane Berdal, Université Paris Cité, France

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Shveta Setia Thareja , Speaker at Dental Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Shveta Setia Thareja , SGT University , India

The success and aesthetic outcome of indirect veneers hinge on the skills of a dental professional and efficient collaboration with the laboratory technicians. This symbiotic relationship is pivotal for achieving outstanding results. Aesthetic success begins with the mindful appr [....] » Read More

Gaurav Mishra, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Gaurav Mishra, King George’s Medical University, India

Background: Social media is widely used in the medical field, and people often utilize it to learn about their symptoms prior to consulting with a healthcare professional. Hence, the study aims to investigate the influence of social media on self- perceived oral health practice [....] » Read More

Anurag Tripathi, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Anurag Tripathi, George Medical University, India

Age and gender determination are required in forensic for victim identification. There is secondary dentine deposition throughout life resulting in decreased pulp volume and size. The study was done for age and gender determination using pulp volume.  Context: A study to [....] » Read More

Hassan M Negm, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Hassan M Negm, 6th October University, Egypt

Composite polymerization creates internal stresses that cause bond loss at the tooth composite interface, cuspal deflection, and enamel crack formation; that are potential restoration failure. Aims: The aim of the present study was to evaluate micro-tensile bond strength of bulk- [....] » Read More

Sherif Mitry, Speaker at Oral Health conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Sherif Mitry, Future University, Egypt

A common mistake in orthodontics, is to plan a treatment of an orthodontic case that has a skeletal malocclusion in sagittal, vertical or transverse plane by camouflaging; and if it fails then the patient is referred to the Orthognathic department. This will result in a complete [....] » Read More

Ozair Erfan, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Ozair Erfan, Herat University, Afghanistan

This report demonstrates the clinical use of a modified, anatomic, root analogue customized zirconia implant for immediate replacement of a single-rooted, left second hopeless endodontically treated mandibular premolar. A 37-year-old male patient with chronic apical periodontitis [....] » Read More

Viktorija Asmankeviciute, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Viktorija Asmankeviciute, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Lithuania

Relevance of the problem and aim of the work. Both general dentists (GD) and prosthodontists (P) perform tooth preparation before restorative treatment. In each case, tooth vitality and the most suitable restoration choices are evaluated individually. These choices may vary depen [....] » Read More

Pantelejmon Trpchevski, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Pantelejmon Trpchevski, Medical University – Varna, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of

Introduction: The modern field of endodontics offers various methods to obturate root canals: central technique, cold lateral condensation (the gold standard), warm vertical condensation and injection technique. Purpose: Presentation of the various obturation techniques with i [....] » Read More

Teslimat Ajeigbe, Speaker at Dentistry Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Teslimat Ajeigbe, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, United Kingdom

Cleft lip and/or palate (CLP) is associated with several dental anomalies, including enamel defects such as hypoplasia or hypomineralisation. The majority of the literature on enamel defects in this cohort is centered around deciduous incisors and permanent incisors/molars - ther [....] » Read More

Houari Hakima, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Poster Presentation (In-Person)
Houari Hakima, University of ORAN 1, Algeria

Despite the appearance of new technologies and their use by dentists to overcome the problems of lower total edentulism, the complete prosthesis still remains an alternative of choice. However, this type of prosthesis may not meet mechanical principles such as stability.The probl [....] » Read More

Laurindo Moacir Sassi, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Keynote Presentation (Virtual)
Laurindo Moacir Sassi, Erasto Gaertner Hospital and Mackenzie Evangelical University Hospital, Brazil

Introduction: Tumors that reach the face make us more sensitized by their destruction. Each surgical process is a challenge, especially when there is a great reconstruction to be carried out due to the anatomical defect created by the resection of cancer in the region of the head [....] » Read More

Fay Goldstep, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Keynote Presentation (Virtual)
Fay Goldstep, International Speaker, Canada

Periodontal disease is chronic inflammation unchecked. Why does this occur?  What is the sequence? This program will explain and simplify the downward spiral of periodontal disease—from beneficial acute inflammatory response to chronic unresolved inflammation with its [....] » Read More

Andrea Scribante, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Keynote Presentation (Virtual)
Andrea Scribante, University of Pavia, Italy

In recent years, ozone has gained attention in dentistry due to its broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity and potential therapeutic applications. Ozone can be administered in three different forms, in relation to the various fields of dentistry which are involved. Gaseous ozone c [....] » Read More

Maggie Augustyn, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Keynote Presentation (Virtual)
Maggie Augustyn, Untangle Me, LLC, United States

In this captivating lecture, Dr. Augustyn, a seasoned dental professional, shares her remarkable story of turning a struggling practice, Happy Tooth, into a beacon of generational wealth. With raw honesty and inspiring vulnerability, she reveals the challenges, triumphs, and inva [....] » Read More

Jonathan Bonanno, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Jonathan Bonanno, Chief Psycho & CE Computech , United States

Within the ever-evolving realm of Dental Education and Research, nurturing psychological safety stands as a fundamental cornerstone for the comprehensive growth of upcoming practitioners and the progression of dental science in the workplace. This 60-minute educational session is [....] » Read More

Adekorede Joan Achraf Adechoubou, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Adekorede Joan Achraf Adechoubou, Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry, United States

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD) encompass a spectrum of conditions affecting the temporomandibular joint and associated masticatory muscles, manifesting diversely among individuals. These disorders are pervasive, impacting a substantial portion of the adult population, wi [....] » Read More

David Williams, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
David Williams, OMFS Musgrove Park Hospital, United Kingdom

This presentation will discuss the use, effectiveness, and current guidance regarding the use of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging for patients undergoing surgical management of impacted teeth as part of orthodontic treatment, with the aim of providing more confidence [....] » Read More

Rebeca Ridout, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Rebeca Ridout, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom

Nerve injury is a well-documented complication of orthognathic surgery, and inferior alveolar nerve injury accounts for the majority of post-operative complications following a bilateral sagittal split osteotomy (BSSO). (1) We present a case whereby there was an iatrogenic transe [....] » Read More

Elishan Aruliah, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Elishan Aruliah, Prince of Wales Hospital , Australia

Introduction: Orbital cellulitis of odontogenic origin is a serious complication of dental infections, which can spread from a periapical inflammatory lesion to the periorbital tissues. Infections extending to the post-septal orbital space can lead to optic neuropathy, endop [....] » Read More

Luke Chung, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Luke Chung, Royal Darwin Hospital, Australia

Brain abscess is a localized infection within the brain, which can be life-threatening. Disorders arising from the oral cavity and dental treatment are among the various causes of brain abscess. We present a case report of an immunocompetent patient who developed a cerebral absce [....] » Read More

Maurizio Pascadopoli, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Maurizio Pascadopoli, University of Pavia, Italy

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Hisham M H Safadi, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Hisham M H Safadi, UDENZ FZC , United Arab Emirates

The evolving landscape of dental practice management is undergoing a dramatic transformation, spurred by advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and automation. This presentation seeks to reimagine the traditional approaches, replacing them with a fut [....] » Read More

A Queen Alice, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
A Queen Alice, AIIMS, India

Total edentulism can have a markedly deleterious effect on an individual's well-being. There is a drastic demographic shift in different parts of the world resulting in an increase in ever ‘super-aged’ population due to an ever-increasing population and advances i [....] » Read More

Amitha HA, Speaker at Dentistry Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Amitha HA, VS dental college and Hospital, India

ECC (Early childhood caries) can begin early life of children (infant to preschooler) and progress rapidly in those who are at high risk, and If left untreated, leads to pain, bacteraemia, alteration in growth and development, premature tooth loss, speech disorder, increase in [....] » Read More

Ramesh Nagarajappa, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Ramesh Nagarajappa, The Oxford Dental College, India

Dental Public Health Informatics is the effective utilization of information and information technology for surveillance, prevention, preparedness, and health promotion to improve population oral health outcomes, where the specialists focus on population-level issu [....] » Read More

Eduardo Rubio, Speaker at Dentistry Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Eduardo Rubio, Argentinian Catholic University, Argentina

Facial asymmetry it is considered one of the most challenging pathology conditions to treat both for an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, as well as for a dentist. Bite correction could be particularly difficult to achieve because of three-dimensional bone discrepancy between the m [....] » Read More

Maedeh Ghorbanpour, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Maedeh Ghorbanpour, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Background and aim: In recent years, green tea (Camellia Sinensis) has been evaluated in the treatment of different types of cancers due to its various antioxidants, fewer side effects, and lower toxicity. Many studies have shown that green tea has anti-proliferative and apoptosi [....] » Read More

Karrar Mohammed Adel, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Karrar Mohammed Adel, Kufa University, Iraq

The objective of this study was to investigate gingival microleakage resulting from four distinct composite bulk-fill techniques applied to the proximal area: flowable composite with bulk-fill cured simultaneously, flowable composite with bulk-fill cured at different intervals, [....] » Read More

Anthony Froy Benites Condezo, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Anthony Froy Benites Condezo, University of Huánuco, Peru

Degenerative diseases of the TMJ can affect the mandibular condyle, glenoid cavity, disc, and articular eminence. Anterior disc dislocation without reduction is a condition that occurs when the disc does not protect the condyle during the rotation and translation movements carrie [....] » Read More

Mark Rozenbilds, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Mark Rozenbilds, Royal Darwin Hospital, Australia

Objectives: The aim of our study was to evaluate the relationship between mandibular third molars, their positioning within the mandible and the risk of angle or condyle fracture. Materials and methods: This retrospective study included all patients admitted to the Depar [....] » Read More

Mark Rozenbilds, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Mark Rozenbilds, Royal Darwin Hospital, Australia

Background: Fortunately, the need to remove metal-work after open reduction internal fixation of the facial skeleton is relatively uncommon. The procedure is typically tolerated well, with patients discharged the same day. An uncommon complication of local anaesthetic administ [....] » Read More

Yosra Gassara, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Poster Presentation (Virtual)
Yosra Gassara, University of Monastir, Tunisia

Introduction: In recent years, there has been a noticeable rise in patient expectations regarding aesthetic dentistry. The pursuit of the perfect smile has become increasingly prevalent, influenced by the enhanced appearances of celebrities and public figures following smile c [....] » Read More