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9th Edition of International Conference on Dentistry
and Oral Health

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain
ICDO 2024

Andrea Scribante

Andrea Scribante, Speaker at Dental Conferences
University of Pavia, Italy
Title: Clinical applications of ozone in dentistry


In recent years, ozone has gained attention in dentistry due to its broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity and potential therapeutic applications. Ozone can be administered in three different forms, in relation to the various fields of dentistry which are involved. Gaseous ozone can be administered for the management of dental caries and the remineralization of early carious lesions by promoting the deposition of minerals such as calcium and phosphate onto tooth surfaces. Moreover, it is used for disinfection and sterilization in dental settings due to its rapid action against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is an effective tool for disinfecting dental instruments, operative surfaces, and dental unit waterlines, contributing to infection control and ensuring patient safety. Instead, ozonated oils and ozonated water can be employed in the disruption of oral biofilms to promote periodontal healing as an adjunct to conventional mechanical debridement therapy, for the disinfection of root canals in endodontics, and for soft tissues healing. These benefits are supported by evidence, making it a viable treatment option. However, additional research is necessary to clarify the best protocols, safety considerations, and long-term effectiveness to fully utilize ozone in improving dental care outcomes.


Andrea Scribante currently works as an Associate Professor at the School of Dentistry, School of Dental Hygiene, and at the Postgraduate Program in Orthodontics (University of Pavia, Italy). He is a Clinical Resident of the Unit of Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry, Section of Dentistry, Department of Clinical, Surgical, Diagnostic and Paediatric Sciences, University of Pavia. He actively participates in academic publications and has signed over 130 publications on Scopus/PubMed indexed international Journals. He is also the Editorial Committee/Editorial Board Member of many international journals, and a Top peer reviewer in Publons.