Speaker for Dental Conference 2019 - Carlos H. Letelier

Title: Management of Anteroposterior Spread in severely resorbed Maxillas

Carlos H. Letelier

The Center for Oral Surgery of Las Vegas, USA


Carlos H. Letelier, MD, DMD, DDS
The Center for Oral Surgery of Las Vegas
Presenter:  Carlos H. Letelier MD, DMD, DDS
Las Vegas, Nevada. USA


Severely resorbed maxillas present with multiple challenges. Due to the decreased availability of bone for implant placement and the Pneumatisation  of the maxillary sinuses, the anteroposterior spread of the implants can be compromised. This can lead to the ultimate failure of the restoration.
Zygomatic implants can in many occasions provide sufficient antero-posterior spread to restore the case.  The use of anterior implants in the pyriform rim or naso-palatine canal, and Pterygoid implants can also assist in providing sufficient spread to restore the case.
Guided implant placement can also improve the accuracy of the planning.
Anteroposterior spread of implant position has a direct correlation with long-term restoration success. These concepts can be readily implemented in the treatment of severely resorbed maxillas.