September 27-29, 2021 | Online Event

Raad Niama Dayem

Keynote Speaker for Dental Conferences 2021 - Raad Niama Dayem
Raad Niama Dayem
University of Melbourne, Australia
Title : Recent trends in Rotary NiTi instruments metallurgy and fracture prediction


Preparation of curved and anatomical complicated canals have become easy with the advent of rotary nickel titanium instruments. However, the chances of instrument separation have increased.  Fractured instruments’ mishaps are critical procedures faced by clinicians during endodontic treatment. It is an unpredictable incident that might prevent adequate cleaning and shaping and compromise the outcome of endodontic treatment especially when the file fractures beyond the apex. Management of a fractured instrument is a sophisticated process and time consuming and sometimes it is impossible.

There are no precise scientific evidence to determine under what conditions a rotary NiTi instrument should be retired. Therefore, an appropriate method for predicting fracture of used rotary NiTi instrument is required. Finding a clinical method for prediction of fracture of NiTi rotary instruments has an outstanding importance that must be considered during endodontic preparation. This study will elect a novel method for investigating the microstructural characteristics of rotary NiTi instrument before fracture happened.In addition, this study will examine a new method to enhance fatigue resistance of rotary NiTi instruments and increase flexibility.


2019 Researcher at University of Melbourne

2016-2018 professor in the founding committee of American university of medical sciences in Kuwait

2013 Professor in the RND research center Michigan / USA

2010– 2013 Professor and Head of School of Dentistry/University of Duhok

2004 – 2008 Assistant professor and Vice Dean of scientific affairs in the School of Dentistry/ University of Sulaimani

1994-2004 Academic in the Faculty of Dentistry/ University of Baghdad