HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Madrid, Spain or Virtually from your home or work.

9th Edition of International Conference on Dentistry
and Oral Health

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain
ICDO 2019

Chienhai Li

Chienhai Li, Speaker at Dentistry Conferences
Chienhai Li
Chuan Sheng Dental Clinic, Taiwan


Chienhai Li, D.D.S. M.Sc.
2000 Graduated from China Medical College in Taiwan (D.D.S.)
2004 Director of Chuan Sheng Dental Clinic
2011 Graduated from Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany(M.Sc.)
2013 Published paper on IJOMS*
2017 Published paper on JDOB**
* Li C.H., Chou C.T., Bone sparing implant removal without trephine via internal separation of the titanium body with a carbide bur. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2014 Feb;43(2):248-50.
** Chienhai Li., Immediate Implant Supported Full-Arch Restorations Fabricated with an Intraoral Welding Technique in Taiwan Patients with Intact Opposite Dentition-Case Series. Journal of Dentistry and Oral Biology 2017, Volume 2, Issue 11,  Article 1070