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9th Edition of International Conference on Dentistry
and Oral Health

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain
ICDO 2020

Amarjeet Gambhir

Amarjeet Gambhir, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Lady Hardinge Medical College & Hospital, India
Title: Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry & Oral Health Care


I n the last few decades, the world has witnessed humongous technological advancement which has a notable influence on every aspect of human life. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is described as any task performed by a machine or program that would have otherwise required a human thought process if carried out by one of us. As the capabilities of artificial intelligence continue to evolve, they stand to enhance every professional field, including dentistry & oral health care. The advent of AI technologies such as natural language processing, image recognition, neural networking and speech recognition has revolutionized the way dentistry is practised today. From the application of neural networks for early diagnosis & treatment of diseases & virtual reality based dental education system to the integration of virtual assistants for effective patient management & voice controlled smart dental chairs, artificial intelligence has widespread applications in different areas of dental practice. AI can serve as a useful modality in diagnosis and treatment of lesions of the oral cavity. It eliminates any observation fatigue and can be assimilated with other imaging systems like MRI and CBCT to detect minute changes thus improving accuracy in early diagnosis. The application of digitization, CAD/CAM technology and 3D printing has enormously enhanced the outcomes of restorative, prosthodontic & orthodontic treatment. The development of robotics and surgical navigation has made it possible to perform surgical procedures with more precision and accuracy & reduced morbidity. A very important and relevant application of AI is teleconsultation which can reduce the workload on healthcare workers particularly during emergency situations such as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the numerous advantages, AI has its own limitations with respect to potential misinterpretations, concern of patient privacy, lack of accountability in a clinical scenario, and high initial cost. It can only assist but in no way replace human intelligence and skill. Additionally, the awareness regarding artificial intelligence in dental industry is still at its nascent stage. However, considering the utilities and importance of AI in medical science, it is just a matter of time when it is going to occupy the core of oral health care.


Dr Amarjeet Gambhir graduated in dentistry from GDC, Indore in 2002 & completed his post-graduation in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery from NHDC, Mumbai in 2006. He completed his 3 year Senior Residency from Lady Hardinge Medical College & Hospital, New Delhi in 2009. He then worked as a faculty at different dental colleges and was promoted to Professor, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in 2016. He again joined Lady Hardinge Medical College as a Faculty in 2016. He has worked as a co-investigator in pilot project on school-based sealant programme 2017 under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. He is a reviewer of various international journals & has published more than 15 national & international papers in indexed journals. He has also authored 3 books for dental postgraduate entrance examinations.