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9th Edition of International Conference on Dentistry
and Oral Health

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain
ICDO 2019


Ravichandran, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Government Dental College, India
Title: Current concepts and emerging trends in diagnosis & management of peri-implantitis - An overview


Peri-implantitis is a area  specific infectious desease that causes an inflammatory process in soft tissue ,boneloss , subsequent mobility for  an osseointegrated implant which is currently in function. As the desease prevalence comes only around 56%,the it can end up with implant failure and an ultimate  loss sans multilateral prevention and proper therapy guidelines. Regular evaluation and elimination of risk factors are more or less effective in avoiding this senario .Moreover  recent studies have  also shown that  the type of implant surface also perhaps can  contribute towards this desease . Moderate peri implantitis with mucositis can effectively be managed using conservative methords like laser systems, photodynamic therapy,manual ablation and  an adjunct antibiotic therapy leading to an absolute remession  sooner than later.But in cases with extreme and advanced lesions ,surgical management is found to be more effective than non invasive and conservative techniques .Here the treatment  depends on the extent and the configuration of the defects where a simultaneous resection and regenerative therapies  showing faster and irreversible results in restoring even larger  defects.An interceptive supportive treatment always stays  as a guideline protocol for the definitive  management of the cause.This topic provides an overview and documentation regarding  the current concept and emerging trends in  prevention ,diagnosis,and management of sequel of  peri implant desease.    


Dr. Ravichandran.R studied Bachelor of Dental Surgery(BDS) at university of Kerala INDIA in 1992.Compleated post graduatation(MDS) in prosthodontics, crown and bridge& implantology from the same university in 1998. Presently working as Professor in the Department of prosthodontics and implantology at the Govt. Dental College & Hospital Trivandrum.Kerala INDIA.Having a total teaching experience of 25 years in the speciality aswell.Undergone special training for one year in implantology under Inspire Dental Academy Mumbai in 2015.Attended as an invited speaker in the international conference of Dentistry & oral Health in 2017 held at DUBAI. Won the G.C.DAS memorial award  for the  best scientic deliberation of the 41 st Indian Prosthodontic Society held at Mumbai in 2016.Have got more than 30 national and international publications to his credi and presented many scientific papers in various conference across the country and abroad.