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9th Edition of International Conference on Dentistry
and Oral Health

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain
ICDO 2018

Mojtaba Bayani

Mojtaba Bayani, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Arak University of Medical Sciences, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Title: Reconstruction of mandibular alveolar defects with chin grafts for dental implant placement. A case report


After tooth loss, alveolar ridge resorption is very common. This process alters the quality of available bone (size and shape) in the dental implant site. Now a best option for rehabilitation of missing teeth is osseointegrated dental implants. A major cause of inhibition of dental implant treatment plan is a bone deficiency in implant site. This bone deficiency may occur in height or width or both of them. Despite recent advances in bone grafts procedure, the use of fresh autogenous bone graft continues to represent the “gold standard” in implant site regenerative surgery. The mandibular chin that located in the intra foraminal region is one of favorable donor sites because this site has a significant bone volume and clinicians can harvest bone from this area for reconstruction bone deficiency in height and width. The bone quality that harvests from the chin is favorable and can used in major jaw defects. Several regeneration procedures by using chin graft have been proposed to increase alveolar bone volume both vertically and horizontally to prepare the ridge for a restorative driven placement of dental implants. This poster presentation, report a novel the chin graft procedure, that we reconstructed intra foraminal  defects in width and height with bone harvesting from symphysis area and we are preparing this site for dental implant placement in future.


  • Vice- Chancellor in Education and Research Affairs, School of Dentistry, Arak, Iran.
  • Faculty member of Education Development Center (EDC) of Arak University of medical science.
  • Assistance professor in periodontics and Implantology department, faculty of dentistry, Arak University of medical sciences, Arak, Iran

He graduated TUMS dental school in 2011 and immediately committed to specialize in Periodontology in TUMS. Mojtaba graduated from periodontics department in 2014 as first place in periodontics national board exam in 2014. He published various papers in periodontology fields in some valued dentistry journal. Mojtaba has many practices and experiences in Guided Bone Regeneration and implant dentistry.