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9th Edition of International Conference on Dentistry
and Oral Health

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain
ICDO 2018

Sorin Andrian

Sorin Andrian, Speaker at Dental Implant Meetings
University of Medicine and Pharmacy Gr.T.Popa Iasi, Romania
Title: Evaluation and quatification of de-and remineralization processes on dental hard tissues


Dental hard tissues can be demineralized by acids with no bacterial involvement having exogenous or endogenous origin or by acid etching. Exposure of enamel prisms and the lost of interprismatic and prismatic substance were showed by SEM evaluation of enamel when acidic beverages, mouthwashes or etching acid were investigated. As a result of different acidic attacks, high enlargement of the dentinal tubules due to the demineralization of the inorganic part of the dentine and exposure of the collagen matrix were also observed by SEM evaluation. Saliva provides a good protection of dental hard tissues in direct relation to an optimal supply of mineral ions. In our studies morphological assessment of enamel and dentine surface by SEM investigation showed that the severity of demineralizations was lower when saliva was present at the moment of aggressive contact with acidic beverages. Products like toothpastes or gels containing sodium fluoride 0,2%, 0,24% or 0,4%, stannous or aluminum fluoride provided an increased gain of calcium and phosphate ions when they have been applied on dental had tissues in acidic conditions. Association of fluoride with other active ingredients increased the protective effect of the products. Hydroxyapatite in conjunction with calcium lactate or fluoride demonstrated a high remineralization potential of the products when compared to only fluoride containing products. CPP-ACP strategy leaded to increased enamel, dentine and cementum protection against acidic attacks and demonstrated an increased remineralization potential on primary and permanent teeth. The effect was demonstrated to be higher in dentine when compared to enamel and cementum. The consumption of milk, cheese and broccoli before the ingestion of acidic drinks significantly reduced the aggressive potential of these beverages.


Professor Dr. Sorin Andrian was born on 09. 03.1962 in Iași, Romania. In 2002 he became professor at Cariology and Operative Dentistry subject matter, Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Grigore T. Popa” Iaşi. He was head of the Department of Odontology and Periodontology, deputy dean of the faculty, member of University Ethical Committee, president of Regional General Dental Council Disciplinary Committee. He is a member of the University Senate. He was manager of postgraduate master in Odontology and he is doctorates manager. He published as author and co-author more than 45 articles in ISI journals, 103 articles in journals indexed in national and international databases. He is author of 3 monographs and 16 book chapters. He is also deputy editor of Journal of Roumanian Medical Dentistry and member in editorial board of Journal of Oral Rehabilitation and Stomatology Edu Journal and ORCA senior member.