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9th Edition of International Conference on Dentistry
and Oral Health

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain
ICDO 2018

Mohamed Hussein Zaazou

Mohamed Hussein Zaazou, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
National Research Center, Egypt
Title: Assessment of antimicrobial effect of Methylene Blue and Silver nanoparticles irradiated by diode laser on induced caries model (An In vitro Study)


Aim: Assessment of the antibacterial competence of 650nm diode laser, Methylene Blue (MB) and Silver Nano-Particles (Ag NPs) on Streptococcus Mutans present in 180 biofilm-induced- caries models. Methods: One hundred and eighty (n=180) dentin discs were obtained. Each disc measured in 4x5x6 mm. Samples were pre-conditioned with sterile artificial saliva at 37 ?C for 2 hours. Specimens were equally divided into 6 groups. One group was untreated (control) and the other 5 groups were subjected to either MB, Ag NPs, Laser 650, the combination of MB and Laser 650 and the combination of MB, laser 650 and Ag NPs. Results: Comparison of the log10 mean Colony Forming Units  milliliter (CFU/ml) values of each of the treated 5 groups and the control group was found statistically significant (P-value <0.05).The combination of MB, laser and Ag NPs recorded the highest (95.28%) reduction percentage of CFU/ml. MB alone represented the least efficient anti-bacterial effect with 74.09% reduction percentage of CFU/ml. The efficiency difference among the Ag NPs treated group, the Laser 650nm treated group and the combined MB/Laser 650nm treated group was found statistically insignificant .Conclusion: combination of MB, laser and Ag NPs were found that they present the most efficient antibacterial activity.


Mohamed Hussein Zaazou, Researcher Professor & Head of Oro-dental research division, National Research Center (NRC) Cairo, EGYPT. He was born in Cairo on sept. 8th, 1961. Dr. Zaazou earned his Bach, of Oral and Dental medicine, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University in 1983, Master degree in Restorative dentistry, Faculty of Oral and Dental medicine, Alexandria University in 1991 and Ph.D. in Environmental science (Medical Research), Institute of Environmental science, Ain-Shams University in2003.
Prof. Zaazou held the following positions at NRC: Dentist at the Department of Human Genetics (1989), Assistant Lecturer at Department of Human Genetics (1992), Researcher at Department of Human Genetics (2003), Assistant Prof. at Department of Restorative dentistry (2008), Prof. Restorative dentistry (2013), Head of Department of Restorative dentistry, (2008), Head of Oro-Dental Research division (2016 till now).  Head of the dental clinic in NRC          
Professor Zaazou supervised 18 MSc degrees, 21 (MD & PhD) degrees and has published over 40 scientific publications in the topics of Restorative dentistry. He participated in several conferences & meetings. He also Participated & contributed in  5   Scientific  Research  Projects  in   the   National Research Center, Participated  in organizing  3  International  Conferences  & 3 workshops held   in  Cairo ,  Egypt. Managed the dental clinic, National Research Center, Cairo Egypt (2016 till now). He also work as part time professor of Operative Dentistry- faculty of dentistry, MSA University (2009 till now)