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9th Edition of International Conference on Dentistry
and Oral Health

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain

September 02-04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain
ICDO 2017

Eduardo Sorgi

Eduardo Sorgi, Speaker at Oral Health Conferences
Sao Paulo State University, Brazil
Title: Surgical and prosthetic details in anterior rehabilitation: Minimally invasive intervention in aesthetic regions


This presentation shows every detail of rehabilitation in aesthetic regions. Since surgery to remove the missing dental element, implant placement with simultaneous alveolar bone regeneration, soft tissue manipulation, tissue manipulation with temporary prostheses and customized ceramics.
The focus on details and planning for cases in anterior regions is the main point of the presentation.

All the presentation is based on the solution of cases in the anterior region.
The idea is to present surgical extractions with minimally invasive techniques, seeking the greatest possible preservation of tissues.

Shortly after the extraction, I will show our work protocol that involves a precise positioning of the implant that is a significant factor for the aesthetic success of the final rehabilitation.

It will be presented bone regeneration techniques guided using BioOss - Geistlish Company, simultaneously with the installation of the implant.

Techniques using connective tissue that favor the gingival contour and gingival papillae formation will be seen.

Also, I will talk about the importance of soft tissue manipulation through conditioning with provisional restorations.

The presentation of several case reports on this subject shows the completion of all such cases with ceramic restorations using customized abutments that provide support to the soft tissue.

The main point of the lecture is to discuss the challenges of unit and multiplex cases in the anterior region, providing solutions that provide a final result with high aesthetics and naturalness with ceramic rehabilitations.


Upon completion of my degree in Dentistry, I started working with prosthodontics at a private clinic and began specialization training. After my Specialization in Prosthodontics I began my career in Implantology. I had the privilege of studying for my PhD at the Medical School in the Federal University of São Paulo. This academic experience gave me a broad view of patients and allowed me to perform related research in both medical and dental. Always, I dedicated myself to Prosthodontics and Implantology, both in clinical practice and as an academic instructor. I think my professional background of working simultaneously in academics and clinical practice strengthens my ability  to teach. My teaching strategy in dentistry has always been based on lectures, laboratory and technical training and clinical applicability. The lectures are conducted using Apple Keynote program and I always try to present technical information along with illustrations, and many photographs and videos  of clinical cases on the subject. The technical information for the lectures is based on text books, but mostly recent findings from scientific articles. The laboratory activities have students reinforcing information taught in the lectures. I value the importance of being present directly to support students at all times with clinical patients; always guiding with patience and focus. In the classroom, I enjoy interacting with the students, encouraging them to participate in the topic of discussion. I have been heavily involved in Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry research as part of my career. My areas of focus are: bone reconstruction, biomaterials, guided bone regeneration, ceramics and customization of ceramic components. I have supervised several students in research related to these subjects and participated in many evaluation stalls. I would greatly enjoy instructing students who are interested in becoming involved with research. I am currently writing a second book related to guided bone regeneration, tissue engineering, provisionalization and customization of ceramics in anterior regions.