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September 27-29, 2021

Inamdar Saquib Ahmed

Inamdar Saquib Ahmed
Kuwait National Guard, Kuwait
Title : Rotation when you want it, Reciprocation when you need it


Shaping and cleaning of the pulp space is one of the prime factors leading to the success of endodontic therapy. In the past decade we have seen a myriad of rotary NiTi instruments that have flooded the market.These innovations have benefitted endodontics, making it faster and more predictable. But each has their limitations. The ongoing research is aimed at sophistication which will provide benefit and reduce disadvantages.
Most of the endodontic files use continuous rotation. Yared suggested the use of reciprocation. Endodontic file separation which could be iatrogenic or due to pulp space anatomic variation has plagued endodontic therapy. This motion offered the dentist more resistance to file separation, optimal preparation and thus better predictability and control. Rotation and reciprocation both have their benefits. This novel approach incorporates the benefits of both file motions.
Research and innovation is valuable only when we can translate it into clinical scenario. The purpose of this presentation is to introduce the endodontist to this new technique with the help of case reports which will help to understand and elevate standard of care, obtain predictable results and provide optimal benefit to the patient.


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