Title: Make Your Practice Work for You

Leslie Pasco



Dr. Leslie, also known as The Lifestyle Dentist, is a general dentist, practice owner, practice management consultant, public speaker, and a mom. Graduating from University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine in 1998, Dr. Leslie started her career driven by two passions: dentistry and helping people. As a dentist and practice owner, she was able to do both, but the business side of owning a dental practice was stressful. This urge to do better and improve her lifestyle as well of the lifestyles of those around her, brought her to the understanding that she needed to study and improve efficiency and expand her dental practice through repeatable systems and organization. Over a short time and by implementing systems and organization, she expanded her dental office to help more patients while being able to maintain a quality lifestyle.  By growing to over 20,000 patient charts, bringing in associates and building an amazing supportive team, she was able to grow her solo practice and become the CEO of her organization.
Dr. Leslie has a primary goal and that is to help dentists make their practice work for them. By consulting with and lecturing to her fellow dentists and health care specialists about vital subjects like case acceptance, efficiency and practice management, she is able two extend her “two hands” to help even more patients get healthy and help dentists and health care specialists reduce stress and improve their quality of life.


This presentation is all about the 5 principals to success in dentistry and will include topics about setting the right mind set for success, building the right team to support success, organizing and systemizing the dental practice for productivity as well as preparing the dentist for the future of dentistry. Why are some dentists more successful and happier than others? What is the one thing dentists are doing that is killing new patient numbers in their practice and sabotaging productivity? How do you survive the era of big box dentistry?
This presentation applies to any dentist in any phase of their career.