September 27-29, 2021 | Online Event

Paulo F. Silva Junior

Keynote Speaker for Dental Conference 2021 - Paulo F. Silva Junior
Paulo F. Silva Junior
Newton Paiva, Brazil
Title : The Use of Laser Therapy in Orthodontics


The use of laser in dentistry has several aspects and is in constant evolution and development, with increasing usageamong dentistry specialties. In orthodontics, it may be useful in the control of pain and as an accelerator of regenerativeprocesses, making the treatment more comfortable for patients, since after orthodontic interventions there is anotable discomfort due to both dental pain and the appearance of traumatic ulcers. Discomfort that was controlledwith the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and has been replaced by the use of low intensity laser. In additionto this field of action the laser can be useful at various times during treatment. The aim of the present study wasto review the literature to verify the use of laser in dentistry with a focus on orthodontics. It can be concluded that thelaser can be used in various situations in the orthodontic practice. However, further studies should be done in order to corroborate its efficacy.


Dr. Paulo studied dentistry at Newton Paiva University Center, Brazil, and graduated in 2018. He began postgraduate studies in implants and prostheses at the Tricordiana Três Corações Foundation and postgraduate studies in Public Health at FAMESP.
He has presented papers in national congress and published in research articles in SCI (E) journals.