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September 27-29, 2021


Sree Mookambika Institute of Dental Sciences, India
Title : Negative Pressure Wound Therapy In Maxillofacial Reconstruction


The management of maxillofacial wounds in reconstruction is challenging due to persistent saliva leakage from poor wound healing in dead space. Nearly all wounds are at risk for compromised healing due to excessive exudation, edema, contaminants and presence of inflammatory mediators. It is generally believed that the wound advances from contamination to colonization when the bacteria on the wound's surface begin to replicate and increase their metabolic activity. Heavy bacterial population increases the metabolic requirements, stimulates a proinflammatory environment and encourages the in-migration of monocytes, macrophages and leukocytes  all of which can negatively impact wound healing. Thus Negative Pressure Wound Therapy helps in controlling or preventing infections associated with wounds which is challenging and problematic in maxillofacial reconstruction through a device with the usage of a vacuum pump, canister, suction tube and a semi permeable membrane (Granufoam).


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