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September 27-29, 2021

Mennat Mehrez

Speaker for Dental Conference 2021 - Mennat Mehrez
Mennat Mehrez
National Research Centre, Egypt
Title : Genodermatoses with Oro-dental Features - A Retrospective study


In this study we aimed to identify genodermatoses with oro-dental features and assess the classification proposed by Arora and Mane (2016). The classification proposed to group genodrematoses with oral features into six categories as follows; those affecting teeth and dentition, gingiva and periodontium, oral mucosa, jaw bones and facies, oral mucosal pigmentation and those with malignant potential.



Dr. Mennat Mehrez works as a researcher and diagnostician in the oro-dental genetics department in the National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt. She had her Master’s in 2010 in oral radiology where she worked with patients with limb reduction defects. She acquired her DDS in 2015 where she worked with progeria patients. She has over 13 publications about different genetic disorders. In 2017, she was selectively chosen to attend the human genetics summit in Washington and in 2019 she won a scholarship to train in the college of dentistry in the university of Kentucky.