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September 27-29, 2021

Ashla Martin

Speaker for Dental Conference 2021 - Ashla Martin
Ashla Martin
Kids@Heart Pediatric Dentistry, USA
Title : Fear Pedo No More! (Pediatric Dental Practices from Prevention to Pathology)


This lecture will provide an overview of popular topics trending in pediatric dentistry, including prevention, practicing principles, and pathologic pearls. Learn the contraindications, indications, special considerations, precautions, and placement of SDF (silver diamine fluoride) and emerging trends in caries control. A first dental visit guide will be provided, with analysis of dental materials that should be avoided, such as teething tablets and benzocaine-containing products. Learn breastfeeding guidelines and important associated laws. Discover dental products that often have cross-reactions in patients who have allergies. For example, fluoride varnish may be contraindicated with pine nut allergies. There will be discussion on managing special needs kids with innovative tools, incorporating sensory toys and weighted blankets. Understand the indication for full coverage restorations (stainless steel crowns) vs. resin restorations. Instruction on preparation and placement of primary and permanent stainless steel crowns will be provided. Definitive treatment planning for hypoplastic molars (preparation and placement of primary and permanent stainless steel crowns) will be explored. The methods for selecting the appropriate space maintainers (distal shoe, band and loop, Nance appliance, and lower lingual holding arch (LLHA)) will be reviewed. Understand when a pulpotomy vs. and extraction should be treatment planned in primary teeth. Techniques for aiding with non-nutritive habits, such as pacifier and digit usage will be examined. Review pediatric pathosis, including Riga-Fede resulting from natal and neonatal teeth, Bohn’s nodules, and Epstein’s pearls.


Dr. Ashla Martin is a board-certified pediatric dentist who received a B.S. degree from Xavier University of Louisiana and a D.D.S. degree from the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry. Dr. Martin completed a pediatric and general practice residency at Louisiana State University Health Science Center. She is on staff at Cook Children’s Medical Center and Children’s Medical Center. Moreover, Dr. Martin volunteers regularly with Give Kids a Smile, Colgate Smiles, Special Kids Olympics and has traveled to both Ethiopia and Nicaragua for dental missionary work. At her practice, Kids@Heart Pediatric Dentistry, she and her team will go the “extra mile” for kiddos’ smiles!