September 27-29, 2021 | Online Event

Yuliya Cherepynska

Speaker for Dental Conferences 2021 - Yuliya Cherepynska
Yuliya Cherepynska
Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine
Title : Benefits of Laser Technologies in treatment of periodontitis


Any of conventional methods cannot completely eliminate the microorganisms from periodontal pockets. Use of antimicrobial drugs has a number of side effects, fungal infection and resistance of bacterial strains has increased significantly in recent years, and there is a tendency that such issue will continue in future.

The literature data demonstrate that the Laser application is one of the promising directions in modern periodontics and can bring benefits in treatment of periodontitis if type and parameters of Laser Technologies are correctly chosen.

Laser Technologies can give positive results due to photo and thermal disinfection of the periodontal pocket walls, photobiostimulation effect on the healing process at the cellular level, activation of a new connective ligament formation, deceleration of migration of elongated gingival epithelium into the periodontal pocket, helps to make the walls of capillaries and lymph vessels denser, creates a dry operating area by achieving of hemostasis and provides a good visual control. Minimal invasive of Laser intervention improves healing and reduces the damage of surrounding tissues, decreases postoperative edema in the recovery time and achieves high clinical results in the treatment of a number of Periodontal diseases. Laser surgery for Gingivectomy may be less painful and, therefore, requires less use of anesthesia and sedation than conventional scalpel surgery in oral soft tissue procedures, less prescribe drugs for pain relieve and for reduce signs of inflammation. But all these positive clinical advantages are effective when Laser parameters are accurately, correctly chosen and are used in compliance with scope of practice, experience and skills.


PhD, Assosiate professor of Conservative Dentistry and Master’s Degree of High School Pedagogy of Kharkiv, National Medical University (KhNMU).

Founder and owner of a private dental practice and educational dental center SENSE in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Member of WFLD-ED (European Division of World Federation for Laser Dentistry), SLDU (Society of Laser Dentistry Ukraine), ALSC (American Laser Study Club) and International College of Dentists (ICD).