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September 27-29, 2021

Ahmed Halim Ayoub

Speaker for dental conferences 2021 - Ahmed Halim Ayoub
Ahmed Halim Ayoub
Egyptian Society of Oral Implantology, Egypt
Title : 4D Concept and Immediate Implant Placement


The 4th additional axis of time is added to the traditional 3D axes which makes it different to identify the time of extraction and implant placement either immediate implant placement , early implant placement or delayed implant placement.
This review focus on each technique and the ideal choice of each technique in every case

Immediate implant placement after extraction has become a favored treatment protocol with many clinicians worldwide. There are many advantages to this protocol, amongst them; shortened treatment time, placement of the implant in sound bone that constitutes the socket wall, placement trajectory guidance by the socket and preservation of bone volume. This literature review describes the 4th dimension in implant placement which is the timing of placement after extraction which is a very important factor in immediate placement success rate.

Learning objectives:
After the presentation the audience shall understand:
1- The 4th dimension in implant placement
2- The proper way achieve an perfect immediate implant
3- Decide whether to place or not to place the implant after extraction
4- Manage the jumping gap
5- The proper way to achieve the maximum esthetic outcome in immediate placement


  • External lecturer in Bari university, Italy
  • President of Egyptian society of oral implantology
  • Founder and president of the Egyptan society of oral implanvology
  • Egyptian society of oral implantology Post-Graduate Program’s Director.
  • London oral restorative academy , post graduate dental implant program’s director
  • London dental educational services Dental implant program’s director
  • Board member of Egyptian dental Syndicate
  • Director Dental smile training and educational centre
  • Fellow of Seville university , Spain
  • Board member of International group of oral rehabilitation , France
  • Editor in International Journal of Oral Care & Research
  • Editor in International journal for preventive and clinical dental research
  • Fellow of international college of dentists FICD
  • Team member in OT dental clinic Bologna Italy
  • Member and lecturer in WAGroFSCD, World Academy of Growth Factors & Stem Cells in Dentistry